Nissan Sentra Lease Boston, MA

4 Reasons a Nissan Sentra Lease in Boston, MA, Makes Sense for You

Doesn’t it seem as though a car breakdown always occurs at the worst time? Suddenly, you’re scrambling to find a suitable replacement. Shopping for a car isn’t the easiest task in the world, especially if you didn’t expect to have to. Once you start shopping, you must decide whether you’re going to finance your car or lease it. If you’ve decided on a Nissan Sentra, consider signing a lease in Boston, MA. There are many advantages to choosing this option.

New Car for Less

Many prospective car-buyers lament that there’s no way they could afford a brand-new car, so they look for pre-owned counterparts. However, it may surprise you to know that leasing a vehicle in Boston, MA, is a better financial deal. You’ll pay less per month with your lease than you would if you financed a new car. In cases where you can’t get into a new car through a loan, you can with a lease. Imagine the feeling of driving a new car with no mechanical or performance flaws and making affordable monthly payments at the same time.

No More Paying for Oil Changes

Of course, you’ll still have to stop at your local lube specialist and get regular oil changes. These are essential to a healthy car. But when you get a Nissan Sentra lease, the dealer will pay for these. During your three-year lease, you won’t have to spend a dime on oil changes or other lube jobs. Some leases come with similar benefits on other routine maintenance services, as well.

Easy Process When You’re Finished

When you own a car through financing, you must worry about the headaches of selling the vehicle. This isn’t always easy, as cars depreciate quickly and trade-in values can suffer. However, when you lease your car in Boston, MA, you simply bring the car back to the dealership once your lease is up. This hassle-free process eliminates headaches of finding buyers and trying to maximize your investment. Once you bring the car back, you can buy it or lease another one.

Lower Costs in Other Areas

With a Nissan Sentra lease, you’ll also pay less on sales tax. This could save you hundreds. Plus, many dealers won’t require a down payment on your lease.

Think you’re ready for a Nissan Sentra lease in Boston, MA? Visit Boch Nissan and talk to the finance department specialists about what you can do to get into your next car.


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