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“Should I Lease or Buy From a Nissan Sentra Dealership Near Me?” Here Are Some Hints

There are certain questions that always come up during the car-shopping process. One common conundrum is whether it’s best to lease or buy. There’s no universal answer to the question, but you can have a good idea what’s best for you when you understand the pros and cons of each option. Study the benefits and drawbacks so you’ll know what to do when someone asks you, “Should I lease or buy my car from a Nissan Sentra dealership near me?”

Benefits of Leasing

If you worry about large monthly payments, you should probably consider leasing your Sentra. When you say, “I’m going to lease from a Nisan Sentra dealership near me,” you’ll pay less each month because you’re paying for the amount the car will depreciate instead of what it’s currently worth. Also, you will pay less in taxes and registration fees, and you might not even have to put a lot of money down. Many dealers also cover oil changes throughout the lease period. Leasing also guarantees that you’ll also have a new car with the benefits of new technology and reliability. 

Drawbacks of Leasing

When you lease, you’re locked into what is usually a three-year commitment. It’s not easy to get out of your lease, so if you end up disliking your car, you’ll probably have to hang onto it for a while anyway. You’ll answer, “I don’t want to lease from a Nissan Sentra dealership near me,” if you plan on driving a lot of miles during the coming year. Dealers restrict how much you can drive when you lease. If you exceed that amount, you have to pay a penalty.

Benefits of Buying

“Can I buy from a Nissan Sentra dealership near me if I have bad credit?” You can answer this with a big “yes” because dealerships will be more lenient amount approving loans for customers with low credit scores than they are granting lease applications. When you buy, you can also drive as many miles as you want and modify your car as you see fit. 

Drawbacks of Buying

If you don’t have a lot of wiggle room in your budget, you’ll say, “I’d rather lease a car than purchase one from a Nissan Sentra dealership near me.” This is because you’ll pay more per month. Plus, if you want to move on to a different car, you have to deal with the hassle of selling it.  

If you have asked yourself, “Is it better to buy or lease from a Nissan Sentra dealership near me?” use these guidelines to help you choose. Then, visit the team at Boch Nissan to choose your next car. 


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