Nissan Pathfinder Boston, MA

4 Ways to Maintain Your Nissan Pathfinder in Boston, MA

Purchasing a new vehicle is something you should take seriously. Because you’re spending a lot of money, it’s important to invest the time into caring for your Nissan Pathfinder in Boston, MA. If you neglect some basic services and maintenance, your nice new car could quickly wear out and fall prey to wear and tear. This will affect performance, appearance, and appeal. Plus, if you want to sell your car, it will have greater value when it’s in good condition. If you follow some simple tips, you can extend the life of your vehicle.

Change the Oil

This is one of the most basic services you’ll perform on your vehicle, but it’s also one people forget or put off. If you have the skill and time to change the oil in your Nissan Pathfinder yourself, you’ll save some money. But there are many reputable places where you can take your car for this quick service. A regular oil change will improve your engine’s performance and remove dirt and sludge.

Change the Air Filter

While you’re focusing on the oil change, check the air filter, as well. These two go hand in hand, though you won’t have to change the air filter quite as often. For every 12,000 miles you rack up driving in Boston, MA, or elsewhere, take a look at the air filter and change it. Dirt can accumulate here quickly, so don’t neglect this simple fix.

Don’t Ignore the Warning Light

Have you ever seen a warning light come on your display, and you casually put it out of your mind? Maybe you think it isn’t a big deal. The problem is, this could be a sign of a significant problem. The longer you ignore this, the worse and more expensive it will be. Consult your owner’s manual and see where the issue is. Then, take your Nissan Pathfinder to a trusted mechanic immediately.

Check the Transmission

Of all the repair jobs you look forward to paying for, the transmission is way down on the list. This is an expensive repair, so it’s critical you let a qualified mechanic in Boston, MA, take a look at it every 50,000 miles. You may identify an issue before it gets worse and sets you back big bucks.

When you want to get as much use out of your Nissan Pathfinder as possible, take good care of it by doing these services in Boston, MA. You can also go to Boch Nissan and let the service department handle any repair need you have.


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