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Emergency Items to Keep in Your Nissan Coupe in Boston, MA

When you purchase a Nissan, you can have confidence that you’ll be at the wheel of a reliable, high-performing, and safe vehicle. Still, you can’t control road conditions or other drivers. Because driving isn’t a perfect science, chances are good that someday you’ll run into trouble. You may break down and become stranded or face some other type of emergency. To help prevent further problems and to cope with difficult situations, you need to keep some supplies in your Nissan coupe in Boston, MA. 

First Aid Kit

Every car owner in Boston, MA, should have one of these in his or her vehicle. Check your kit regularly to make sure you have stocked it properly. Your kit should include bandages, ointment, pain medication, tweezers, scissors, gauze, antiseptic wipes, and surgical tape. Make sure you have enough supplies in it to accommodate everyone who might ride with you.


If you’re driving your Nissan coupe and become stranded in a remote area, you don’t know how long you’ll be there. You may be out of range to contact emergency services or unable to get help using other methods. You don’t want to become dehydrated, which can be a danger, especially during hot months. Keep a case or two of water in your trunk and replace it every few months. 

Have Some Snacks Handy

Water is the most thing to consume if you’re stranded, but you should also give yourself some nourishment with high-protein snacks. Keep an emergency stash of food such as nuts or energy bars. Keep enough on hand so you can feed everyone in your car as you’re going places to and from Boston, MA.  


A reliable flashlight with extra batteries is an essential item to keep in your Nissan coupe. You may need to leave your vehicle in darkness to go get help. 

Jumper Cables

Your car problems may be as simple as a dead battery, and jumper cables should take care of that. These devices can help get your car started again and allow you to get to the nearest mechanic shop or auto parts store around Boston, MA. You can’t always rely on someone else passing by to have these cables, so make sure you have some in your car at all times. 

Hopefully, you’ll never need to use these items as you drive in and around Boston, MA, but you’ll have peace of mind when you have them in your Nissan coupe. You can even talk to the team at Boch Nissan for advice on what emergency supplies you should include in your vehicle. 


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