Nissan Pathfinder Lease

What’s So Appealing About a Nissan Pathfinder Lease?

People everywhere dream about getting behind the wheel of an SUV. These vehicles are perfect for individuals, couples, and for families large and small. SUVs are also good for everyday driving and for off-road adventure and road trips. In terms of a mid-size crossover, you can’t get much better than a Pathfinder. If you’re ready to get into this vehicle, you can either purchase it with cash, purchase it with a loan, or sign a lease. If cash isn’t an option, you’ll love the advantages of the Nissan Pathfinder lease. 

It’s All New

When you get a Nissan Pathfinder lease, you’ll keep the vehicle for three years. Perhaps best of all, you’ll have a brand-new car to drive. This means if you continue to lease every three years, you’ll never have to worry about driving a used car. There are many pros to this, including the fact that the warranty should cover major repairs. Think of the peace of mind you’ll have to know you won’t have to take care of the bill when your car goes to the shop. New cars also have state-of-art entertainment and safety features. 

Lower Payments

Not only can you say goodbye to paying for repairs, but you will also have lower monthly payments when you lease. With a car loan, you’ll pay according to how much the car is currently worth. But with a Nissan Pathfinder lease, your payments coincide with how much the car’s value will depreciate over the next three years. Along with lower monthly payments, you won’t pay as much in taxes or registration fees. Plus, you likely won’t have put as much money down as you would with a loan. 

Stop the Selling Hassle

If for whatever reason your Nissan Pathfinder lease is no longer meeting your needs, you don’t have a long-term loan that you have to pay off before you sell it. Your lease will go by quickly, and when it’s over, you take the car back to the dealership. Once you take it back, you can lease something else. On the other hand, when you buy a car, you can’t sell it or trade it in until you pay it off. Selling to a private buyer is also a challenging chore that takes time and effort. 

You don’t have to get into more debt and take out a loan to get the car you want. Come to Boch Nissan today and sign a Nissan Pathfinder lease. 


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